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The House on Saltwater Point

the house on saltwater point    Ellie Blackmore is doing exactly what she loves- house flipping. Her life, however, gets turned upside down when her sister disappears and everything points to a stolen cocaine shipment and an international plot. When the Coast Guard gets involved everyone wants the truth. The truth, however, may not be what everyone wants to hear.

This was a pretty good story, the characters were easy to connect with and the plot flowed nicely. I always like learning new things and this time it was about boats. I love how novels can be filled with information without sounding like a teaching lesson.


*I received this book free from Thomas Nelson and The Fiction Guild in exchange for my honest review. What I have expressed are entirely my own thoughts. Also, I was not compensated in any monetary way.*

Book Review, Books and Reading

The Memory of You

Thirteen years ago Natalie’s life crumbled when her twin sister died. As soon as she could, Natalie left home and all its heartache behind. Or so she thought. When another family emergency strikes, she returns home. Her goal- check on her ill grandfather and shut down the family winery. Once Natalie is back home, however, the past comes back and she must finally face it.

I enjoyed this story, but not as much as I was hoping I would. The writing itself was done very well and the characters were relatable. The actual story, unfortunately, seemed lacking. It did not provide the punch it set me up for, which disappointed me. Perhaps her next book will be better.

*I received this book free from Fiction Guild and Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review. I received no compensation for my review. All thoughts I have shared are entirely my own.*