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The Land Beneath Us

My February Beyond the Book group book was The Land Beneath Us by Sarah Sundin and oh am I happy this was the choice! This book has refueled my love for Ms. Sundin’s stories.

This is book three of the Sunrise at Normandy series and I was worried it would ruin the two previous for me, but fear not, fellow book lovers, there is just enough in the book to pique your curiosity to want to read books one and two (which I have already ordered and are on my shelves wanting to be read) without giving away the details. with that said, on with this tale.

It is 1943 and Private Clay Paxton is training with the US Army Rangers in Tennessee. He is still reeling from his brothers’ betrayal (which we get a glimpse at but books one and two go into better detail of course) and the only thing he is living for is his dream of death. Leah Jones is a librarian in Camp Forrest, trying to rise above her life as an orphan while also search for her missing sisters. When Leah is attacked and Clay saves her life he finds he has more to give. He offers a marriage of convenience and shortly afterward is shipped out. Can they learn to love each other? Will Clay’s dream of death come true?

Sarah Sundin is amazing at her details. I do not know where to start! I loved reading about a camp library and having Leah as a librarian was such a treat. We learn not only details about the war but also orphanages and their records, hospitals in the 1940’s, medical procedures, families. I enjoyed the story immensely and am looking forward to more from her.


Parental Guidance- Sexual assault (no details are given), stabbing, war fighting and injuries


Book Review, Books and Reading

The Sea Before Us

sea before us1944 London, England. A place filled with soldiers, native and foreign, air raids, and preparations for an invasion into France. Naval Officer Lt. Wyatt Paxton, from Texas, works closely with Dorothy Fairfax, a WREN, in the Women’s Royal Naval Services. They work together to piece snapshots together to make the maps used as accurate as possible. Their friendship begins to turn into more, but the demands of the war, and of their own personal lives, threaten to ruin any possibilities of a love. Can they be stronger than the demands of the world?

The prologue was definitely a puncher. It started off grabbing hold of me and by the end of that chapter I was hooked! Unfortunately…. the story lost its grip on me after the prologue. I continued reading for a while but finally stopped. I did not finish the book. As quickly as it grabbed my attention, it quickly lost my attention. I found the story difficult for me to get into, it became dull for me. I was bummed. The book unfortunately goes on my list of Did Not Finish.

*I received this book free from Revell in exchange for my honest review. What I have expressed are entirely my own thoughts. I was not compensated in any monetary way.*