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January Book Shopping

All the books!!!! 🙂 19 to be exact. Sorry the pictures don’t capture every book very well but I did my best.

In the Fantasy genre I picked up the rest of the Tales of Goldstone Wood books I have not read yet. Think of a new twist on fairy tales, complete with fairies, dragons, princes, princesses, cats….

Veiled Rose, Moonblood, Dragonwitch, and Shadow Hand

I completed my collection (up to date, anyway) on Melanie Dickerson’s fairy tale retellings. I have been on a kick for fairy tales lately. Who doesn’t like a good fairy tale story?? I am a Disney girl through and through. So, to catch up on her fairy tale stories I got….

The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest, The Merchant’s Daughter, The Fairest Beauty, The Captive Maiden, and The Golden Braid

To finish up in the Fantasy genre I got….

Grimm’s Fairy Tales (complete collection), Redwall, Before Tomorrowland, and Whispers of Liberty

I couldn’t not look at the mysteries, you know how much I love those, and found a few….

Until We Find Home, Magic Hour, The Kitchen House, and The Woman in the Window, The Snow Lane and The Road to Ever After


I am looking forward to sinking myself into these inked worlds. Have you read any of these? What were your thoughts (without giving spoilers, please)?


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If I’m Found

    Casey Cox is still on the run. The police are still searching for her, her picture is all over the news. Dylan Roberts is relentlessly hunting her. He claims he knows the truth, that Casey did not commit murder. Can Casey believe him? As she stumbles upon other injustices she risks her own safety to help others, knowing she may be caught. She must make a choice- her safety or strangers?

I greatly enjoyed the first in the series, If I Run.    and I was excited to read the next part of Casey’s journey. Wondering if she would get caught, is Dylan really a good guy or is he fooling all of us? This sequel pulled me in. I am looking forward to the third and final book in the trilogy. I really want to know how this plays out. Terri Blackstock is also becoming a new favorite author of mine and I will be checking into her other books.


*I received this book free from Zondervan and the Fiction Guild in exchange for my honest review of the story. I did not receive any compensation to do so. All thoughts I have expressed are entirely my own.*