Thankful For....


Good Evening, Friends.


As I get ready to sign off for the night I think back to my week and can’t help but to be thankful for warmth. Warmth from many things. A warm house on the cold winter days and nights. Warm blankets and yes, my dog and cat who keep me warm as well. The warmth from friends and family are a big one too. Knowing that they are near. Seeing my niece growing so quickly and watching her discover things. Knowing that she recognizes me and reaches out to me now definitely warms my heart. Seeing my refrigerator covered in pictures colored and drawn by my nephews and nieces always makes me smile and warms my day. It is one of the first things I see when I step into my house. Sometimes it is not physical warmth that we need. Sometimes it is not physical warmth that gets us through the day, but rather, those little things our friends, family, and pets (although I count pets as family) do for us.

I hope whatever kind of week you had, you had warmth.