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Because You’re Mine

because you're mineAlanna does not know where to turn or what to do. Her husband has been killed in a car bomb and she is left alone and pregnant. Her only hope at a new life away from the controlling hands of her father-in-law is to marry her manager. It seem like a dream come true. Alanna’s dream, however, quickly turns into a nightmare.

First, I have to point out, Alanna is from Ireland!! 🙂 so for part of the story it is set in that beautifully scenic country. IRELAND! And then colleen brings us to America’s Southern charm. The family heritage from both sides of the waters, both accents, the family home in Charleston…. And of course the mystery. What on earth is going on? (MINI SPOILER ALERT- The only thing I did not like was no satisfactory explanation, as in NO explanation whatsoever, of the large painting).

*I received this book free from Thomas Nelson and Fiction Guild in exchange for my honest review. What I have expressed are my own thoughts.*

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Twilight at Blueberry Barrens

twilight-at-blueberry-barrens    “Keep the girls safe.”


Drake Newham, an entrepreneur, gains custody of his two nieces when his brother and sister-in-law die. He, however, does not believe it was a murder/suicide. He packs his nieces up and brings them to Sunset Cove, Maine hoping to find out what really happened. He rents a cottage from Local Kate Mason and hires her as nanny while he digs into the deaths.

Kate has her own family problems. Convicted criminals in her family tree and one just escaped prison. How safe is her life? Add to it a stalker and her world is turned upside down.

Okay, on the creep side level the stalker is in my book, on a scale from 1-10, definitely easily an 11 or 12. Colleen Coble wrote those scenes exceptionally well! They gave me shivers. They were, I think, my favorite scenes in the entire story because they were so well written. I also did not have all of the mystery completely solved when the story ended and I like that. It helps keep me hooked and reading more. And the cover of the book? Oh my word, I love it!!

*I received this book free from Thomas Nelson and Fiction Guild in exchange for my honest review. What I have expressed are my own thoughts.*

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Just a Kiss book review

1d6f33229112506b7aef32cc985d7e17    Seeing the love of his life fall for his brother had been hard enough to send Riley to enlist as a marine. Beau and Paige are no longer together and it all seems to be time to tell Paige how he feels. And then he is hit with a IED that leaves him an amputee. He feels he is no longer worthy of Paige’s attention.

Paige is more than ready to help her best friend recover and as time goes by her feelings for him go deeper than that of friendship. But what if he does not feel the same way? Although she wants him to know how she feels, is telling him worth the risk?

As always, Denise Hunter strikes gold again. This story is easy to follow but did not lose my interest by being too slow or predictable. The characters were also easy to connect with. All in all it is a very enjoyable, entertaining story. I liked that is has a side story as well. In regards to the main story, it can be read as a standalone. However, to fully grasp the picture of the side story I do recommend reading the Summer Harbor series in order.

*I received this book free for my honest review from Thomas Nelson and Fiction Guild. What I have shared about the book are entirely my own thoughts.*