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Travel to Tomorrow

travel to tomorrow    Here are a few of my favorite things: 1950’s, time travel, best friends, and books. This story has all of it! It is the first in a series and I am so glad I have the entire collection because I don’t want to wait long to read more about these sock hop Fifties Chix.

In 1955 the five girls are given an assignment for History class. Instead of looking at the past they are to write about what they think the future will be like. And then they are living it. They wake up, same houses, same families, same school, but now it is the 2000’s. So much has changed, technology, fashion, words, politics. The girls need to learn how to navigate this new world while trying to figure out how to get back to 1955. After a while they begin wondering if they even want to go back in time.

This first book gives you such a great taste of the adventure that the girls are tossed into. The rich details of the 1950’s is superb, and the changes that the girls witness in the future was spectacular. We see how things have changed for African-American families, for immigrants, for children. We learn about little details we may never give second thought to- vehicles, fashion, food….

I had such a great time reading this book and it gave me a nostalgic high. I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the series and I will let you know how it is!

*I was given this book set as a gift from my mom and my review is entirely of my own choosing. Everything I have expressed are entirely my own thoughts. I have not been compensated in any monetary way.*