balance    Good evening friends,

Last week was a tough week for me. Some of you know and some do not, I have depression. Some days are great. Some are not. Last week were a lot of not great days. And then I wake up one morning and I am perfectly well. Such is the journey. It made me think, however, on my day to day activities. When I have energy and get my house sparkling clean and days where I can’t even get out of bed. But sometimes that’s okay. Because there is balance in that. Knowing when you’re feeling well and can get a lot done and when you need rest, physically and mentally. And that’s okay. It’s okay to take a nap during the day if you need it, or after work. It’s okay to put your pajamas on even if you are not going to bed right away. I cannot stress it enough. It Is Okay! Don’t stress any more than you might already be stressing. (Easier said than done, I know. But, at least try?) And when you are back on your feet, then tackle the dishes and laundry. Take care of yourself first!

That is my word of the week. Balance. Know when you can do things and do them. Know when to rest and rest. Again, I repeat, it is okay.





  Good morning, Friends,

Only a few more days until the time change and winter changes to spring. There is some snow on the ground but mostly we are in the season of mud. This morning as I took the older kids to the bus stop I noticed the buds popping up from the dirt, and in some spots even from under snow. It is amazing how determined and strong these tiny buds are. How determined they are to survive, even if we get one more snowstorm. The hope they give. Things will get brighter. Things will rise again, things will get better, even through our storms. Beautiful things. Remarkable things. We only need to keep weathering our storms. And that is what I am determined to remember today, this week, every day. There can be growth from my storms. This is why I have chosen this word for the week.

I hope whatever storms you are weathering, you are able to see the growth under them.


Keep strong,



Where in the World…. Have I Traveled?

Good Evening, Friends,

I hope your week has gone well so far. I am sitting here thinking of all the sunny warm places I have been (while I look at the snow piling up again outside, lol) and thought I would share with you the places I have been. Over the weeks coming up I will take each place individually but I thought I would list them and see if there is a specific place any of you would like me to start with.

I have traveled some of the United States. I have been from Maine down to Florida. I have traveled through Canada to get into Michigan. I have been to Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Outside of the USA I have been to Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, the Caribbean, Greece and Turkey. Each place is filled with history, stories, memories, good times…. Not to mention to Nineteenth Century Georgia, Nienteenth Century West, 1920’s NYC, 1930’s Texas, Future USA (You can thank my overactive imagination for those!)

Where have you traveled? I would love to hear about the palces.





Kindness is not an act. It is a lifestyle.”- Anthony Douglas Williams

Kindness- According to Meriram-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary this word is defined as “The quality or state of being kind.” Kind is defined as a “Fundamental nature or quality”, “Affectionate, Loving”, “Of a sympathetic or helpful nature”, “Gentle”.

Imagine two young children in a field of wildflowers and one of the children picks flowers and gives them to the other child. They embrace. These two children are taking an active interest in one another, they are showing affection toward one another.  How many times have we seen someone do a random act of kindness toward a family member, a friend, even to a stranger? Does it not warm your heart to see such affection and thoughtfulness? I know it helps to brighten my day.

Every day that I babysit I can never stress Kindness enough to the children. To remember the feelings of others. To think before acting or speaking. To put yourself in the other person’s shoes, how would we feel if they told us this or that or did this or that to us.

I live in a world full of sadness and stress. No, I am not professing in any way that I can cure the world of these or fix the world. And no, I am not writing any of this to put anyone down or to feel guilty. On the contrary, I want to thank you for whatever acts of kindness you display. Whatever selfless acts you do to help someone else. That is brilliant and so loving! Doesn’t it feel good when we respond with kindness? I know sometimes it is tough not to, believe me, I struggle with this at times myself, but in the end, kindness makes for a better pillow than hate. As the quote in the beginning says, kindness is something I need to practice and daily work at to succeed. Yes, I will have moments, I am imperfect, after all. But the more I practice, the better I become. I figure, a person can never display too much genuine kindness.

I would love to hear about any acts of kindness you have witnessed. What warmed your heart to hear or see?