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400x200_Dublin-Statues-Oscar-Wilde.jpg.aspx-&&ext=.jpg.cf    Good afternoon my friends. Is it just me or is this particular Wednesday tough to get through? I wish I had time for a nap, lol.

Any who, as the children are sleeping I thought I would take this quiet time to tell you more about Ireland. Specifically, where I find it especially relaxing. There is about park in Dublin, Merrion Squar Park that is set right in the city. Yet, as soon as bouts I walk into the park all the noise of the city- the traffic, the people…. fades away. It is as if it is in another world. The calmness of the park, the beautiful scenery along he trails. Above is a picture of the poet Oscar Wilde. He hangs out on that rock in Merrion Square Park. The greenery, of course.

I remember sitting there on a bench for a few hours as my friend worked. I could not have asked for a better place to hang out at. I wish I could travel there every day. The park even gave me inspiration for writing. There is a coffee shopot and bakery nearby asports well that had pretty yummy goodies. Yes, I definitely stopped there on my way to the park. How could I not?

I hope if you ever make the to Ireland that you are able too go too often Merrion Square Park and find it as relaxing as I do.




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Where in the World…. Inspiration

Good afternoon, Friends,

I hope you are staying warm and have either missed the snowstorm/ice storm or have gotten through it safely. We had a thaw on Monday, it was sunny and pretty warm for Upstate NY in January, had been for a few days, and then Monday night it started icing and by Tuesday morning we had a bunch of snow and ice. School was canceled and the roads were icky for part of the day. Today, it is fairly sunny, not snowing or icing.

The question for this week is, Where do I find inspiration? My answer…. Everywhere and anywhere! A painting in a museum or other museum artifact, a line in a song or other book, a stranger walking by me, a color, a scent, a meal. Anything is up for grabs when it comes to inspiration for me. And once I have that inspiration and it takes root it can result in anything from a book, a painting, a piece of jewelry, a notecard, or a craft for the kids.

What about you? Where do you find inspiration? And if you have any questions you would like to ask me, where in the world I…. please don’t hesitate to leave a message. 🙂





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Where in the world….

…. Do I find calm and quiet?


Very easy to answer this question. The bookstore. I go in, I get a hot chocolate if I am in the mood for one, and I take a sip. Standing within the walls filled with shelves of books does much for me.

*Bookstores calm my nerves, they are my de-stressors. Within minutes I feel myself relaxing. Any anxiety I am experiencing slides away. The longer I am in the bookstore, the better I feel, the more rejuvenated I get.

*Bookstores are a great place to acquire information, whether it is for a story I am working on, or for my own personal curiosity.

*There are like-minded people there, ones who love the written word.

*The joy and excitement of discovering a new to me author or the latest book from an author I like.

These are just a few reason why I like going to bookstores so much. I didn’t even go into details on membership discounts and sale books! But those are definitely great perks 🙂


How about you? Where in the world do you find calm and quiet?