I have been a fan of stories since I was a young child. I loved hearing them and telling them. When I was eight years old I was given a school assignment to write a story of my choosing. As soon as I wrote that story I knew writing was what I wanted to do. Putting stories on paper and sharing them with others is something I love to do. I wrote my second story, Pressed Flowers, when I was ten and it was published when I was thirteen. Now I have four books published and many more stories to tell.

I began working with publishing companies eight years ago and it has been a wonderful adventure. I have been able to travel through time, visit many countries, and meet so many people through the pages. It is a journey I love to take.

My other hobbies are painting, jewelry making, and working on my Victorian dollhouse. You can see my books and other items for sale on the Sweet Pea page.

My books are as follows:

Pressed Flowers- Adventures abound for eleven year old Maggie Peters when she and her family move into a new house. At first, just moving into a new town and going to a new school is adventure enough but soon Maggie finds herself drawn to her new next door neighbor. One day, Maggie explores her new home’s attic and finds a box that holds clues to the history of her house, and of her neighbor.

The Key in the Coffin- Maggie Peters promises to help her mom plant  flower garden one Saturday (although she would rather be doing something with her friends). She thinks it will be a boring day, until she digs up a child’s coffin buried in their backyard. What happens next makes for a memorable summer.

Poor Elizabeth- On the way home from an evening of hanging out with friends, Maggie walks by the village cemetery. She sees a headstone she has never noticed before. Poor Elizabeth Only 19. Working for the Historical Association, she thought she knew something about all the people buried there. Elizabeth, however, is unfamiliar to her. Maggie and her friends are swept to the past as they unravel the mystery of Poor Elizabeth.

Whispers from the Past- Maggie has been invited to go to Ireland with her friends. This is a dream come true for her. She is looking forward to traveling across the countryside, visiting landmarks, and meeting Mrs. Mansfield’s friends. Maggie is also excited to go because she has always wanted to see where her ancestors came from. While there, she is hoping to solve the generations-old family mystery- What happened to Hiram Shanahan? Why did he disappear? The further she delves into the mystery, however, the more she discovers that people do not want to talk about Hiram. Why are they so determined to keep his life a secret?


Although the books are written as a series they do not need to be read in order. They are available at The Owl & Moon store in West Burlington, NY, as well as on Amazon for Kindle. You may also order the books through me by submitting a message through the comments section.


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