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The Pink Bonnet

pink bonnet    Cecile Dowd, a widowed mother struggling during the Depression, discovers her neighbor has given Cecile’s daughter to Georgia Tann, owner of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society. When Cecile goes to get her daughter back, explaining that she never gave her neighbor permission to give away her child, Cecile is told her daughter has already been adopted. There are no limits a mother will do for her child.

This is the second book I have read about Georgia Tann and her shady (to put it kindly) adoption methods. It is horrifying to think children were really taken from their families and sold to other parents. such a sad sad situation. This story showed not only the mother’s side of the tale but also the child’s. This was a good story but a little predictable for me. I like to be surprised in stories, this one did lack in the surprise factor for me. But overall it was not a bad story.


*I received this book free through Netgalley for review. What I have expressed are entirely my own thoughts and I was not compensated in any monetary way*

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