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Never Let Go

Never Let Go    Willow Anderson, a forensic genealogist, is taking over her grandfather’s business after his death. Her first client asks her to find the daughter who was abducted from the hospital over twenty years ago. With the hep from her ex-boyfriend Austin McKade, who is an ex-FBI Agent, they follow the clues and soon discover there is more to this abduction than just a missing person. Lives are at risk. Can they find the truth, and the child, before more harm is done?

I am, as you know, a fan of mysteries, and I am a big fan of cold cases. So, I was pretty excited about this story. I fee that it was written well, the characters each had their own personalities, the plot kept me interested. This is also my first book by Elizabeth Goddard and I was pleased with it. I will be on the lookout for her other books. This particular one is the first in a series and I want to read the rest when they come out.


*I received this book from from Revell in exchange for my honest review. What I have expressed are entirely my own thoughts. I was not compensated in any monetary way.*

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