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Paper Dolls

paper-dollsGood Evening, Friends.


This week as I get together with my little friends while battling a winter virus (icky, icky thing!) I am remembering the joy I had as a child playing with paper dolls. When I was younger my very first paper doll set was the Little House on the Prairie family set shown in the picture. It came with a background so the Ingalls family had their log cabin and the other side was the yard and trees. I had both the Big Woods set and the Prairie set. Of course each set came with clothes but being a girl, I didn’t think they had enough so I was always making more for them. It is very easy and I thought I would share my learning with you.

Once you have a paper doll kit and want to add to the clothing collection all you need is a well sharpened pencil, white construction paper, scissors, and colored pencils.

*Lightly trace the body of your paper doll on the white construction paper, minus the head. Enough so it is easy to see but also easy to erase once you are finished needing it.

*Outline lightly the design you would like, whether a billowy ball gown, a camping outfit, pjs, a costume. Whatever it is you want. Clothing catalogues and online shopping sites are great inspirations. Add Tabs to wrap around the paper doll.

*Carefully erase the body outlines NO LONGER needed.

*Color in the outfit with the colored pencils. Remember, this is your design, make it your own!

*Carefully cut out the piece of clothing or ask a grown-up to cut it out for you.

*Style your paper doll.

You can also use the same instructions for shoes, the switch is placing the paper doll under the white construction paper and a well lit spot so you can trace the paper doll’s feet so the shoes are the correct size and in the right place. From there you can add heels, ribbons, or whatever to them. Make the shoe cutout the size of the paper doll’s foot stand so you can wrap the Tabs around the stand.


Have Fun!





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