Word of the Week


Kindness is not an act. It is a lifestyle.”- Anthony Douglas Williams

Kindness- According to Meriram-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary this word is defined as “The quality or state of being kind.” Kind is defined as a “Fundamental nature or quality”, “Affectionate, Loving”, “Of a sympathetic or helpful nature”, “Gentle”.

Imagine two young children in a field of wildflowers and one of the children picks flowers and gives them to the other child. They embrace. These two children are taking an active interest in one another, they are showing affection toward one another.  How many times have we seen someone do a random act of kindness toward a family member, a friend, even to a stranger? Does it not warm your heart to see such affection and thoughtfulness? I know it helps to brighten my day.

Every day that I babysit I can never stress Kindness enough to the children. To remember the feelings of others. To think before acting or speaking. To put yourself in the other person’s shoes, how would we feel if they told us this or that or did this or that to us.

I live in a world full of sadness and stress. No, I am not professing in any way that I can cure the world of these or fix the world. And no, I am not writing any of this to put anyone down or to feel guilty. On the contrary, I want to thank you for whatever acts of kindness you display. Whatever selfless acts you do to help someone else. That is brilliant and so loving! Doesn’t it feel good when we respond with kindness? I know sometimes it is tough not to, believe me, I struggle with this at times myself, but in the end, kindness makes for a better pillow than hate. As the quote in the beginning says, kindness is something I need to practice and daily work at to succeed. Yes, I will have moments, I am imperfect, after all. But the more I practice, the better I become. I figure, a person can never display too much genuine kindness.

I would love to hear about any acts of kindness you have witnessed. What warmed your heart to hear or see?




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