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Where in the world….

…. Do I find calm and quiet?


Very easy to answer this question. The bookstore. I go in, I get a hot chocolate if I am in the mood for one, and I take a sip. Standing within the walls filled with shelves of books does much for me.

*Bookstores calm my nerves, they are my de-stressors. Within minutes I feel myself relaxing. Any anxiety I am experiencing slides away. The longer I am in the bookstore, the better I feel, the more rejuvenated I get.

*Bookstores are a great place to acquire information, whether it is for a story I am working on, or for my own personal curiosity.

*There are like-minded people there, ones who love the written word.

*The joy and excitement of discovering a new to me author or the latest book from an author I like.

These are just a few reason why I like going to bookstores so much. I didn’t even go into details on membership discounts and sale books! But those are definitely great perks 🙂


How about you? Where in the world do you find calm and quiet?




2 thoughts on “Where in the world….”

  1. My store. I enjoy the feel of coziness when I enter it. My cat, Captain, lounges in various places and that brings me peace. If things become to crazy I sit on my bright yellow stool and dump my bag of markers on the counter. Pull out a picture from one of my many coloring books and start creating. It may only be for a few mins but oftentimes I do not want to leave.

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