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2016 Favorite Reads

Good afternoon, friends,

As the snow descends lightly from the sky and the ice covers the walkways and driveway I am snuggled inside safe and warm. My dog sleeping beside me (she just went to the “doggy spa” so she is taking all the heat she can get, lol). I hope you have had a pleasant vacation break and are ready to get back to the regular scheduled program. Or if you are still on vacation, awesome for you! 🙂

I have compiled my list of favorite reads of 2016 and am excited to share it with you. Perhaps you will find a new book to check out.

1.) The Confessions of X by Suzanne M. Wolfe.

Her name is lost to history yet her story will be forever remembered. Known only as X, she was the daughter of a mosaic layer. Augustine of Hippo was a promising student and an heir to a fortune. Social status says they could never be together. Their hearts say otherwise. This story is a rarity. It took root in my heart and has stayed there. I still get swept away in its tale if I think about it.


2.) Mrs. Lee & Mrs. Gray by Dorothy Love.

A remarkable tale extending age, race, culture and events. Mary Anna Custis Lee is a daughter and a wife of stature and grace. Selina Norris Gray is a daughter born into slavery. They forge a friendship as Mary teaches Selina how to read and write. They become true confidantes, true friends. Words cannot completely express the feelings I have for this book, this story. A quote right from this book expresses it beautifully…. “There are times when feelings go deeper than words, and the things that are most important fall between the cracks and stay there.”


3.) The Things We Knew by Catherine West.

A family ripped apart by death. Secrets hidden just below the surface. How much longer can the truth stay buried? Lynette’s family unraveled after the death of Mom twelve years ago. Now that Dad is ill she has asked her siblings to come home. When they do, however, they bring the past with them. Can they finally put the pieces together? And if they do, will they be able to survive it? The past and present are weaved so tightly and so well in this story. This story really spoke to me personally, showing how closely our pasts can affect our future. How we cope, how we live. And when we are faced with the truth, how it sends us down a new path, how our lives are altered yet again. This story is so well written. It is very real to life.


I would love to hear what books left their marks on you last year, and what reading goals you have this year.


Happy reading,



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