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The Things We Knew book review

the-things-we-knewA family ripped apart by death. Secrets hidden just below the surface. How much longer can the truth stay buried?


After Mom died twelve years ago Lynette’s family unraveled. They rarely keep in touch and they all went their separate ways, except for Lynette and Dad. They stayed home. Now though, with Dad ill, she has asked all of her siblings to return home. When they do, however, they bring the past with them. Can they finally put the pieces together and face the truth? Or will it be too much to survive it?


Lynette’s family pulled me into their lives and held on tight. The present, the past, how it weaves together. The reminder that the past does not always stay in the past. This story really spoke to me on a personal level, showing how much our past events affect our future selves. How we cope from those events, how we live after the matter. And when the truth begins to creep up, how it sends us down yet another path, how our lives are altered once again. This story had me looking at my life, past and present. This story, Catherine West’s writing style, is so true to life.


*I received this book free from Fiction Guild and Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review. What I have expressed are entirely my own thoughts.*


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