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National Novel Writing Month

Greetings, Friends,

I hope you are having a good day and wherever you live, if it is in the northern lands, I hope winter has not tried to encroach on you already. We had snow the other day. It lasted only that one day, and it was pretty, I’ll admit. But I am not sure if I am really ready for it yet. Are you? If you live in the warm climates of the world I hope your days have been sunny.

Today is the official start to NaNoWriMo 2016. I had not been thinking about participating this year at all, with everything going on, but last night, five hours before midnight, I started thinking about it. at 10:30ish I decided to go for it. I am not pushing myself to get in 50,000 this month. I have not been writing in a long time. But no matter how many words I do add to my story, it will be more than what I had on October 31st, right? If I am able to write a little bit every day I see that as an accomplishment.

Also, did you know today is Book Lovers’ Day? I think that deserves some reading time today.


Happy reading, and Peace,



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