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Kissed by a Cowboy book review

b06d6ad9e324ae76ee8f22921ff1215a Cassidy Starr came home to Wishing Springs, Texas after a rocky divorce. She is through with love. She is through with trusting someone with her heart. She only wants to focus on fixing up her great-aunt’s rundown farm and turning it into a bed and breakfast. Jarrod Monahan, Cassidy’s childhood crush and now next door neighbor, is busy running his ranch and caring for his ailing grandfather. Now, though, Cassidy has moved back and is turning his life upside down. Can he break down her walls?

I tried so hard with this story. I usually give books to about fifty pages to capture my attention and with this one I kept holding on. I wanted to like this story but it was not working for me. I was halfway through when I decided to stop. I couldn’t go any farther. It was not picking up for me, the events were becoming a rut, the same things over and over. No action. And, from the title, yes I was expecting a kiss to happen at some point, or at least for sparks to be igniting between Cassidy and Jarrod by the middle of the book and I felt no chemistry between them. I have shelved this book as a “Did Not Finish”.

*I received this book free from Fiction Guild and Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts I have expressed are entirely my own.*


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