Books and Reading

A Booked Weekend

Another week has come and gone. I hope yours went well. I have been busy organizing my place now that I have finished the manuscript for Regenerate. I took a few days off and went away with my mom, which was really nice. It was relaxing and fun.

This week I have been visiting the cities of Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois within the pages of Dee Henderson’s Taken. I was hooked from the first page. This story is not a light one. It is deep, indeed. One to pay attention to, one that makes me question the comments and actions of every single person on every page. It is a story that keeps me turning the page, keeps me up at night.

When Shannon Bliss was sixteen was sixteen she was abducted. Now, eleven years later, she has showed up at Matthew Dane’s door, wishing for help to have a normal life and put behind bars those responsible for her abduction. Matthew Dane, a private investigator, is more than willing and happy to help her. The only problem? If Shannon’s abductors find out she is alive they will stop at nothing to silence her.

The review for Taken will be posted soon but for now I will say, what I have read, I love. What are you reading this weekend?


I hope you have a relaxing, fun, booked, weekend.



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