Book Review

The Forgiven Duke book review

5dcba48b6c01ba983dd695aa9e13ce20Lady Alexandria Featherstone is on the trail to finding her parents, treasure hunters who have gone missing. Although the prince regent has demanded that she return to London to her Guardian’s home she ignores his orders and follows the latest clue to Iceland. As her ship sails away from the dock she glimpses her guardian, Gabriel, the Duke of St. Easton, on the shore. Will he continue his pursuit and bring her back to London or give up his chase? Will Alexandria’s determination to find her parents pay off and will she finally find the answers she seeks, what happened to them? Or have they disappeared for good?

The Forgiven Duke picks up right where The Guardian Duke left off, which I  was very happy about (To read more about my thoughts on that book check out my review on it). Alex is still determined as ever to do whatever necessary to find her parents. The journey through Iceland is filled with dangers, from the climate as well as the people she meets. Who can she really trust? While reading this book I couldn’t but wonder, with some of the choices Alex makes, how far would a person go to find the people they love? What steps are we willing to take? Alex has hard decisions to make and none are to be made lightly. Gabriel is still struggling with his trials and is this book he has more to fight against. I appreciate how Jamie Carie portrays her characters as true people. Ones who face trials, ones who make mistakes. This helps me to see them as real. I was caught up in the story as much as I was with the first book and am looking forward to reading Book Three, the conclusion to the story. And if you are curious, there is a cliff hanger, Jamie Carie is good at writing those, but it is not as much of one as The Guardian Duke has. Even though parts of the mystery have yet to be solved, some of it has been. I am excited to know how the mysteries will all be solved.


*I received this book free from B&H Books in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts I have expressed are entirely my own.*


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