Book Review

The Guardian Duke book review

aa1ac6b05e2ac7a47c7643a2534e57e0Lady Alexandria Featherstone’s parents, who are treasure hunters, have been missing while on a mission for some time now.  Everyone believes they are dead, everyone except for Alexandria. When her guardianship is taken over by Gabriel, Duke of St. Easton, Alex ignores this royal order and sets off to find her parents, following the clues they followed. Gabriel, honor-bound (and perhaps a little taken with his charge) pursues her across England and into Ireland. When he learns that others are after the same treasure Alex’s parents were seeking the stakes become high. Can he rescue Alex in time? Can Alex find her parents in time?


I loved this story. First, there is Ireland. I love Ireland and I was excited to “travel back for another visit”. Anyone who knows me knows that for me Ireland is my home away from home. It was the moment I saw it. Second, treasure hunting. How fun is that?! Third, the relationship between Alex and Gabriel. Their only form of communication is with letters and I had so much fun reading those. The banter between those two are so entertaining. I was laughing at times, laughing out loud. Once I got into the story, which did not take long at all, I assure you, I had such a hard time putting it down to do other things, like work and house cleaning. I finished the last 17 chapters in one day. It was that good! I will warn you, however, (as I would want to be warned) it is a cliff hanger of an ending and I highly recommend that you have book two, The Forgiven Duke, nearby when you finish this one. As soon as I finished The Guardian Duke last night, actually it was early this morning, sometime after midnight, I had to start The Forgiven Duke. This is a story that sucks me right in and holds onto me. The characters are fighting against enemies in the form of people and time. Are Alexandria’s parents alive or dead? What has happened to them?? How high will the stakes get? Okay, I think I need to get back to reading book two now.


*I received The Guardian Duke free from B&H Books in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts I have expressed are entirely my own.*


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