Book Review

Favorite Quotes- “The Secret of Pembrooke Park”

In each book I read there is usually a sentence or scene that grabs my attention and pulls me in, keeping me coming back to find out what will happen to the characters. In The Secret of Pembrooke Park there many of these scenes. For anyone who has not read my review on this book I encourage you to do so. It was a very fun read that kept me glued to it, wanting to know what would happen next. I tried to find just one sentence but really, it is this whole short scene that did it for me. Here it is….


What happened here? Why had the family left so abruptly, and why had the rooms been entombed for almost two decades?

Her father posed her unasked question. “Why did the former occupants leave so suddenly?”

Arms behind his back, Mr. Arbeau continued his survey of the room. “I could not say, sir.”

Could not, or would not? Abigail wondered, but she kept silent.


And with that scene I was hooked. Especially with what Abigail wondered. Did Mr. Arbeau know something he did not wish to tell? I highly encourage you to read the book to find out what had happened at Pembrooke Park.


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