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Beyond All Dreams book review

d69cc8a6408e0fe8f7a872a1bbf4fd10Anna O’Brien is one of the fortunate few women who work at the Library of Congress. She likes her job, working with maps, until she stumbles across an error in a record. By finding this error she brings danger to herself. Determined not to give up she turns to a congressman for help, a man who ruffles her feathers from the very beginning. Who else can she turn to, though?

Luke Callahan has worked hard to get to where he is and is still fighting the shadows of a scandal. He quickly becomes intrigued by a young librarian, Anna, who has no problem telling him what she thinks of him. When Anna asks for his help he joins forces with her. Soon they uncover more than they imagined. Is uncovering the truth behind this record worth the risks they are taking, including the risks of their hearts?

I really enjoyed Beyond All Dreams. I was hooked at the first humorous sentence and stayed hooked through the surprises and final scene. I found the banter between Anna and Luke entertaining, at times I chuckled out loud. I appreciated the realness (is that a word?) of their relationship. They had hard times, just like people do in the real world, and at times they wondered if it was worth the fight. Circumstances were not going to make things easy on them but as the synopsis said, each are determined individuals. The things they uncovered? Oh man! I did not see all of those coming. I liked that. It kept the mystery fresh for me. I am happy to be adding this book to my shelf. Right after my mom gives it back to me. As soon as I finished it I handed it to her. Thank you, Elizabeth Camden, for such a fun story.


*I received this book free from Bethany House to read for review. The thoughts I have shared are entirely my own.*


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