Book Review

Surprised by Love book review

Megan McClare has always been the quiet, hidden in the shadows kind of girl. When she returns from studying in Paris her best friend, Bram Hughes, expects to be reunited with the same girl he said goodbye to. He is in for a surprise! Megan is still Megan but she has blossomed into a beautiful young woman who no longer stays on the sidelines. Bram now has difficulty thinking of her as only a friend. And then Meg begins working with Devin Caldwell, a student from her school years who used to mock her constantly. Only now he wants a second chance. He wants to be friends, perhaps even more. Who will win Meg’s heart?

This is the third book in The Heart of San Francisco series, and I have only read this one, but I did not feel too left out of the loop. I loved, loved, loved!, the relationship between Meg and Bram. Add in Devin, who has asked for Meg’s forgiveness and a second chance, plus the twists and turns that left me wanting to keep reading, even late into the night, and Surprised by Love made for a very enjoyable read. I’ll be checking out the other two books in the series.

*I received this book free from Revell in exchange for my honest thoughts on the story.*


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